A P R I L   &   M A Y


Pastors, family, and friends,    


It has been an interesting but good couple of months!

Understandably, most of our meetings during the months of April and May had to be either canceled or postponed. During that time, we were able to still hold four meetings via technology. Despite the setback, there were some blessings in disguise that we got to experience:

  • We got to see the Lord abundantly provide for us despite the absence of love offerings from meetings

  • We got to stay still and live in one place for over a month

  • We got to spend some extra time studying

  • I started learning how to play the baritone ukulele, which I plan to use in Nigeria for congregational music

  • Anneliese got to work on some sketches for a “Days of Creation” curriculum she wants to use in Nigeria

We had one in-person meeting at the end of May, and all but one of our June meetings are still in place. We enjoyed the break from all the traveling, but we are very excited that we are able to hit the road again.

One thing that has been a huge blessing to us throughout deputation has been missions apartments. I know it is a large investment to have a missions apartment, but I cannot overemphasize how much they have helped us and how much we appreciate churches that have them.  We have spent very little on hotels in the last 10 months, and that has allowed us to save a lot towards our big move next year.

In addition to power, provision, and protection, please be in prayer for two other requests:

  • That our post-lockdown meetings will go well despite our country’s economic decline

  • That the majority of our canceled meetings will be able to be postponed

Thank you again for your prayers, your financial support, your hospitality, your fellowship, your encouraging emails, texts, and phone calls.  Maybe what has encouraged us the most during deputation has been the relationships we have built with so many of you.

Your ambassadors to Nigeria (and favorite missionaries in the world),


Garan and Anneliese Patrick

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